Week 12- Extra Credits

1. (Web Design) Creating a wordpress. This was a really intricate way for me to express myself through words and activities in the class.

2.Paiting and Drawing (Graffiti Writing)- Awesome experience with spray paint

3. Social Photography (Instagram)- I love this week assignment,taking photos are always fun and it was just a good way to capture a memorable moment.

4. New Media- The Mina Show- great ways to experienced your fear

5. Art funding – Kick starter. Kick starter, I know  this website before going on doing a activities about it. Great way to find out new innovative design and projects that will helps us immensely in the future.

6. Fiber Art-  Don’t really like it that much since it was weird to design and put fiber over things.

7. Portrait Photography- Don’t really see this as great activity

8. Remix Culture- Remixing things in general are cool mostly music.

9. Architecture and Urban Planning- Great experience for me first time

10. Student Choice- easy activity my own choice

11. Sculpture (plaster Casting)- first time for everything, It seemed really fun

12. Algorithmic Art- My own choice of art but really can’t express anything through it


Week 12- Prodecural Paper Airplanes

1. Pick up any types of paper for this process

2. It can be construction paper,paper from your notes, or newspaper.

3. Make sure the paper is not torn

4. Today, I’m going to show you how to fold a paper dart airplane. One of the most famous paper airplane.

4. First, fold the paper in half.

5. Then, unfold the paper again and then fold both side of the corners to the center line.

6. Next up, fold the top edges to the center.

7. Then fold the paper airplane in half again.

8. Final step, fold the wings of the airplane to the bottom edges.

Now, your airplane should turn out like the picture shown above and there you have it a paper flying airplane. Enjoy and have fun with one of the most easiest process ever. Make sure not to hit anyone with the paper airplane. There’s more ways to make a paper airplane but this is the most best flying paper airplane ones’ can make. My advice for you to experienced the whole paper airplane fun is go to somewhere with a lot of winds or somewhere high where you stand on top and throw the paper airplane down. Anyways. enjoy your paper airplane.

Week 12- Interviewing Partner Joseph Awadallah

Today I got a pleasure to meet Joseph who’s a freshman here at CSULB. Joseph is such an outgoing person with a great attitudes about him that you can’t seemed to miss. He’s currently undeclared right now as wheter of what he wants to work towards at for a long life career. There’s a lot of time left for him on what he likes to major in because this is only his first year of college. The reason for why he picks CSULB as his college of choice was the fact that this university is not only close to where he lived but also affordable compared to others high expensive university. At first, he decided that he would likes to go dorming somewhere farther away from home since to him that’s what colleges is all about;exploring and going out on your own. But, it doesn’t turned out like he wants to because dorming are expensive than expected.

More about Joseph outside of school. His hobbies consisted of playing soccer and enjoying music in general. He was on his high school soccer team back when he was in high school. Until now, Joseph still likes to play soccer wheter it is on a team or not. A cool fact about this is that we both have the same interest that one day we would both go to Europe and enjoy a live soccer match there because Europe is most popular sport is football (soccer). His favorite soccer team is Arsenal. Beside hobbies, Joseph work as a pizza delivery man which I think is pretty awesome.He also tolds me that he has seen some crazy stuff while deliverying pizza to people and there’s a lot of ridiculous stories that he had been through. If you guys haven’t interview him yet, I suggests you should because he is such an awesome person. Thanks for taking your time to read this.

Week 12- Artist Interview Piet Eppinga

This week I get a chance to interview an artist who works really have an affect on you. Each of his arts have such a descriptive details about what he’s going to tell you about. The first picture above really told a story about a father and son relationship. It shows how close they are to each others as a father and son should be and the relationship the both of them have for each others. Next up here we have a jar in which he said to preserve many things that are put inside it. The style of it are Asian and in this case it is Japanese. The artist Eppinga likes to get his perspectives from different cultures because of course we do live in a multicultural society. His takes different art from many different kind of forms of culture and countries that are offer around the world.

Furthermore, we have this next statue about a woman who really describes her life about her figure that are being displayed. The woman with a jar on her head in which the artists said in that jar itself is her grandparents,parents or even child that has been passed away. While on her back there seemed to be a backpack of some sort that she is carrying, that bag is a symbol for things that had held her down in life. Next up, the artist describes the situation of her breast. It symbolizes that she had giving birth to many kids. Addtionally, the expression on the woman face shows how she happy she is as well as sadness too. The flowers dress in which she wore has been really looking old and that descirbes how in life nothing stya the same forever and everything will eventually wears down. Its really itneresting how the artist can really tell a story about a stuatue just by looking at it. I really enjoy this week art gallery and how each pieces of art has a story behind it all.

image    imageimage

Week 11- Artist Interview


This week has some of the two amazingly talented artist you’ll ever met. The two artist seen above. Jerry is the one in the hat with the read top on while Kyle is the one in the white shirt. Both of them are finishing up with their Bachelor of Arts Degree. Jerry himself will be finishing his Bachelor of Arts in the drawing and crafting. Kyle on the other hand is finishing is degree in BFA in printmaking. The two of them met first here at CSULB and now has become great friends with each others;thus, the reason why they’re doing this art gallery show at Dr. maxine Merlino Gallery here at CSULB.

The title of the art is called 5620. The title came from the place where they worked at on this project and it was a great way for them to remember it too. The final peice itself took them together 3 months to finished, and the whole art room in the gallery took them 15 hours to completed with only 1 pizza break. How insane is that? They fabracated the whole room itself. You can see in the picture below that the wall background layer has a layer to it. Everything in the gallery served a purposes and it have its own meaning to it said Jerry on the interview on Thursday. The gallery was an inspired by ally in Los Angeles. The result was this you see today, the trash on the ground were to made to look like its an actual ally way. The project turned out great as they both agreed on. Each one brings their own styles of art into this project and everything seemed more alive when you first walked into the art gallery. It was absoutely a cool experienced for me to see what this two amazing artist have done and I wished them the best in the future as they become greater artists themself. Thank you


image  image image

Week 11- Partner Interview

Hello everybody, today I would like to introduce everyone to Julian Pineda. Julian is a freshman here at CSULB and is studying in criminal justice. His first major where he decided he could used his talent and dedication to helped saving lives and doing good for society. To further into his career in the criminal justice department, Julian anted to become an FBI agent working for the crime unit division. He also said that he likes to wear suits or uniform. However, before picking his major as a criminal justice, Julain decided to go for aerospace enginnering in which he does not have any desire to participate in.

Outisde of school, Julian is the 3 youngest child in his family including his 2 older brothers,1 younger brother, and his parents. He was born and raised in Long Beach. The reason why he decided to pick CSULB for his school choice was because of its good outstanding in the Enginnering department as well as criminal justice department. He also had an older brother who graduated from here and since the school is closed he decided to pick here as his choice of university. His hobbies are playing soccer,footballl, swimming and he was in track and cross country when he was in high school. Julian was for sure an athethic person in or outside of school and thats why he thinks being a criminal justice major really suits him well for the fact that he likes to be active. I wish him the best on his road to becoming a well-prestigous FBI agent.

Week 11- Sculpture

image  image

Today was an amazing day in which I did a sculpture using plaster and sand on the beach. It sure was a cool experience for me since I’ve never done this before and the sand was so tough to removed my foot out of. It took me quite a while to remove my foot from the hole of sand since it was so thick and I have to be careful when I was trying to removed it. My friends helped me with the process of putting the sand on and cover my feet before removing it. They aso applied water so whenever I removed my foot, the sand will not break apart and fall off.

After successfully taking my foot out of the hole, we mixed water with plaster as we followed the instructions given. We then play cares and waitted roughly about 30 mins and wait for the plaster to dry off. We then dig a hole and carefully removed it. The foot sculpture made out of plaster turned out great. It was an joyful and cool experience that I had with this week activity and I would love to this again one day. The result (as seen above) is my foot after it was finish.