Week 15- Interviewing Kyler Victoria

Hey everyone, today was the last day to interview someone who you haven’t yet met in class. I was able to meet Kyler, who is also a freshman here at CSULB. It was a conciedence since we both were looking for a partner. Kyler lives in long beach and that was the reason why he picks CSULB not only that it is close to his home but it’s also cheaper than any other UC or over state. He is currently pursuing his degree in Pre-Biology and hopes one day to become a doctor;if not, be an eye doctor or even a surgeon that saved life. I thinks that this is a really inspiring steps to become a life saver and much respect to him for doing that.

Outside of school, Tyler likes to play basketball and volleyball on his free time. His favorite basketball team is the Los Angeles Lakers and he has been a fan for a long time being. He just likes to hang out with his friends and doiing what everybody else is doing. I wish Kyler the best of luck to his career to becoming a doctor.


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