Week 15- Artist- Jessie Jie Li

Today at the art gallery here at CSULB, there was a lot of arts and artists that were displaying their beautiful talents and skills. Out of all the amazing and beautiful art that were there today, it was very difficult to pick an artist to focus on. But, one picture that I really likes was from an artist named Jessie Jie Li. The picutre consist of two big wolfs that cover up the whole picuture with the moon on the bottom of the picture as well as a tree in the middle of the picture. Something about this picuture really captivates the emotions and time that needed to draw this spectacular picture.

The artist Jessie Jie Li do most of her works on what revolves around her and the things that her love. One of her love was that fact that she is a dog lover;as a result, the reason why the two wolfs were in the center of all her picture. Art is one of her favorite activity to do and she does perfectly on that. It gives her freedom to explore and learn as well as making something as spectacular and beautiful as that. I wished her the best after school and where ever she is headed.

image    imageimage


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