Week 14- Interviewing Joe Gamba

Hey everyone, today I got the pleasure to meet Joe Gamba, a senior here at CSULB. Joe is finishing up with his degree in management and is about to graduate in a few weeks. It’s crazy how fast things go, and in a few weeks Joe will not be here anymore. He’s obtaning a bachelor degree in management. His focus for after graduation is to able to get a job as fast as possible and be on his way to life. It’s also crazy to think that at this age, Joe will be spenting the next 40+ years of working before he could finally retired but he’s excited of what has to offer outside of school and into the real world.

Joe was born in Germany where his dad work for the military. When he was little, his parents and him moved to the state of Illinois and a few years after taht he moved here to California.Until today, Joe dad is still in the U.S national guard.  When I asked him, where do you like to stay the most? He answered,”definitely california”. Althought the weather is hotter than where he has been before in his life, Joe tends to like Cali better. When we talked about art class, Joe says that this class really pushed him to explore more about art gallery because normally he wouldn’t just walk into a gallery but since the class started he really likes the arts. I just want to wish him much success in his future and may he explores more art galleries to come.


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