Week 14- Artist Interview Maryann Gonzalez

In today art gallery at Max L. Gatov Gallery East and West, there was a lot of amazing art that are being displayed. All the art that were there today are ranging from many different artist. However, there was one picture that I really like out of all the others. This picture was didn’t have a name but it was a oil on canvas and as you can see below that’s what the picture itself looks like. The artist for the picture in which I’ve chosen was Maryann Gonzalez. Her art mostly and always start out with a drawing on paper and then she moved to preliminary colors in which she explores how the different colors of light will affect the drawing itself. Most of her work like the picture below are from the reactions of her surroundings. The artist likes to take things from around the world to create her drawings and help her be more at ease with her busy life.

The picture really has a home or residency looks to it. The house is being painted on top and below in the picture, you can also see the lines of pipes system below the house. Across form the house, the corner of the picutre has a table and a glass which seemed to be a person looking out onto the view that is from her house. Something about the picture reallys give you a sense of home and looking onto the distant and seeing what is really happening around you. This is Senior painting/ drawing for their BFA show and I wish all of them the best after college and much success wherever they go with their amazing talents.



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