Today, I’ve selected some of the fews algorithmitic arts from my classmates in Art 110 to do my extra credits on.

First up was Sonia Gore- how to create beautiful colorful zig-zag lines. The procedure was very simple, choose 5 different colors and draw each different zig-zag lines in different places. This was a very simple task to do and making a normal paper to looks like a more colorful one. I like the fact that the result came out to be so colorful and nice; plus the zig-zag lines make it look more cool in a way. My results are shown below. I did my best but it was not as good as the person who showed it to me. Thank you Sonia for letting me used your art to make one of my own.


The next person whom I chose to do my extra credit on was Rachel Goodtaker. Her Algorithmic art seemed so awesome and hard to do but the reality it was very easy. What this is, it’s a hand with multiple colorful lines going through it. The result was looks so cool and I really like it as well. Thank you Rachel for showing us this and letting me used your work. My result as shown below.


Thirdly, the person for whom I pick to start my extra credit on was from a person named andrew h wanlee. This procedure was very simple to do. All you need to do was find a book with at least 25 pages or more. Then, pick the second words from every page and write it down in order and it has to be up to 25. This is the result of a nonsense poem. The result is what you get at the end. My result was very weird. Thank you Andrew for letting me use your work. This is my work and book that I pick. I know it make no complete sense but here you go.


Last but not least on my extra credit, I choosed an algorithmic art from Hannah Kay Drake algorithmic art work. For the following procedures, all you got  to do is pick the second words of the title of the book that you have and from there make a poem with it.  Each poem can only be 3-5 words to make it short and sweer. This is the result of what I got when I used some of my books titles to make a poem. Thank you again Hannah for showing and letting me how to this simple yet creative work.

The purple Dictionary

Taught How Pocket to keep

Dragon Children Mystery

Singing Ghost things

My poem turned out to be very good even though it kinds of make sense a little and what not but that’s my poem and O hoped you enjoy.


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