Week 13- Artist Interview Shishori Nakayama

Hey everyone, today I was able to meet an awesome artist whose art really is amazing in many ways. The art itself really reflect over the aritst life and most of the drawing are very detailed in every way. You can also see the simple drawing to be very detailed also as well as the big picture itself. Each ot the art work showing here today at the art gallery really shows something about the artist life and what memories that stands out the most about her life. Plus some of the drawing you see on the picture are of teddy bears and little kids which reminded of the artist childhood experiences.

I personally enjoy how much work the artist herself put into each drawing. Just by looking at the picture itself, it seemed like it really took a long time to finish each drawing since it is very detailed to the smallest of picure. The reasons why the aritst enjoted drawing is the reason to show us and express her feeling through the art as well as the experience of her past and present. I considered everyone who has not seen her art should check it out because it is awesome wow. I wish the artist the best of luck wherever she goes because her art is one of a kind amazing.

image    image


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