Week 12- Extra Credits

1. (Web Design) Creating a wordpress. This was a really intricate way for me to express myself through words and activities in the class.

2.Paiting and Drawing (Graffiti Writing)- Awesome experience with spray paint

3. Social Photography (Instagram)- I love this week assignment,taking photos are always fun and it was just a good way to capture a memorable moment.

4. New Media- The Mina Show- great ways to experienced your fear

5. Art funding – Kick starter. Kick starter, I know  this website before going on doing a activities about it. Great way to find out new innovative design and projects that will helps us immensely in the future.

6. Fiber Art-  Don’t really like it that much since it was weird to design and put fiber over things.

7. Portrait Photography- Don’t really see this as great activity

8. Remix Culture- Remixing things in general are cool mostly music.

9. Architecture and Urban Planning- Great experience for me first time

10. Student Choice- easy activity my own choice

11. Sculpture (plaster Casting)- first time for everything, It seemed really fun

12. Algorithmic Art- My own choice of art but really can’t express anything through it


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