Week 12- Prodecural Paper Airplanes

1. Pick up any types of paper for this process

2. It can be construction paper,paper from your notes, or newspaper.

3. Make sure the paper is not torn

4. Today, I’m going to show you how to fold a paper dart airplane. One of the most famous paper airplane.

4. First, fold the paper in half.

5. Then, unfold the paper again and then fold both side of the corners to the center line.

6. Next up, fold the top edges to the center.

7. Then fold the paper airplane in half again.

8. Final step, fold the wings of the airplane to the bottom edges.

Now, your airplane should turn out like the picture shown above and there you have it a paper flying airplane. Enjoy and have fun with one of the most easiest process ever. Make sure not to hit anyone with the paper airplane. There’s more ways to make a paper airplane but this is the most best flying paper airplane ones’ can make. My advice for you to experienced the whole paper airplane fun is go to somewhere with a lot of winds or somewhere high where you stand on top and throw the paper airplane down. Anyways. enjoy your paper airplane.


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