Week 12- Interviewing Partner Joseph Awadallah

Today I got a pleasure to meet Joseph who’s a freshman here at CSULB. Joseph is such an outgoing person with a great attitudes about him that you can’t seemed to miss. He’s currently undeclared right now as wheter of what he wants to work towards at for a long life career. There’s a lot of time left for him on what he likes to major in because this is only his first year of college. The reason for why he picks CSULB as his college of choice was the fact that this university is not only close to where he lived but also affordable compared to others high expensive university. At first, he decided that he would likes to go dorming somewhere farther away from home since to him that’s what colleges is all about;exploring and going out on your own. But, it doesn’t turned out like he wants to because dorming are expensive than expected.

More about Joseph outside of school. His hobbies consisted of playing soccer and enjoying music in general. He was on his high school soccer team back when he was in high school. Until now, Joseph still likes to play soccer wheter it is on a team or not. A cool fact about this is that we both have the same interest that one day we would both go to Europe and enjoy a live soccer match there because Europe is most popular sport is football (soccer). His favorite soccer team is Arsenal. Beside hobbies, Joseph work as a pizza delivery man which I think is pretty awesome.He also tolds me that he has seen some crazy stuff while deliverying pizza to people and there’s a lot of ridiculous stories that he had been through. If you guys haven’t interview him yet, I suggests you should because he is such an awesome person. Thanks for taking your time to read this.


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