Week 12- Artist Interview Piet Eppinga

This week I get a chance to interview an artist who works really have an affect on you. Each of his arts have such a descriptive details about what he’s going to tell you about. The first picture above really told a story about a father and son relationship. It shows how close they are to each others as a father and son should be and the relationship the both of them have for each others. Next up here we have a jar in which he said to preserve many things that are put inside it. The style of it are Asian and in this case it is Japanese. The artist Eppinga likes to get his perspectives from different cultures because of course we do live in a multicultural society. His takes different art from many different kind of forms of culture and countries that are offer around the world.

Furthermore, we have this next statue about a woman who really describes her life about her figure that are being displayed. The woman with a jar on her head in which the artists said in that jar itself is her grandparents,parents or even child that has been passed away. While on her back there seemed to be a backpack of some sort that she is carrying, that bag is a symbol for things that had held her down in life. Next up, the artist describes the situation of her breast. It symbolizes that she had giving birth to many kids. Addtionally, the expression on the woman face shows how she happy she is as well as sadness too. The flowers dress in which she wore has been really looking old and that descirbes how in life nothing stya the same forever and everything will eventually wears down. Its really itneresting how the artist can really tell a story about a stuatue just by looking at it. I really enjoy this week art gallery and how each pieces of art has a story behind it all.

image    imageimage


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