Week 11- Artist Interview


This week has some of the two amazingly talented artist you’ll ever met. The two artist seen above. Jerry is the one in the hat with the read top on while Kyle is the one in the white shirt. Both of them are finishing up with their Bachelor of Arts Degree. Jerry himself will be finishing his Bachelor of Arts in the drawing and crafting. Kyle on the other hand is finishing is degree in BFA in printmaking. The two of them met first here at CSULB and now has become great friends with each others;thus, the reason why they’re doing this art gallery show at Dr. maxine Merlino Gallery here at CSULB.

The title of the art is called 5620. The title came from the place where they worked at on this project and it was a great way for them to remember it too. The final peice itself took them together 3 months to finished, and the whole art room in the gallery took them 15 hours to completed with only 1 pizza break. How insane is that? They fabracated the whole room itself. You can see in the picture below that the wall background layer has a layer to it. Everything in the gallery served a purposes and it have its own meaning to it said Jerry on the interview on Thursday. The gallery was an inspired by ally in Los Angeles. The result was this you see today, the trash on the ground were to made to look like its an actual ally way. The project turned out great as they both agreed on. Each one brings their own styles of art into this project and everything seemed more alive when you first walked into the art gallery. It was absoutely a cool experienced for me to see what this two amazing artist have done and I wished them the best in the future as they become greater artists themself. Thank you


image  image image


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