Week 11- Partner Interview

Hello everybody, today I would like to introduce everyone to Julian Pineda. Julian is a freshman here at CSULB and is studying in criminal justice. His first major where he decided he could used his talent and dedication to helped saving lives and doing good for society. To further into his career in the criminal justice department, Julian anted to become an FBI agent working for the crime unit division. He also said that he likes to wear suits or uniform. However, before picking his major as a criminal justice, Julain decided to go for aerospace enginnering in which he does not have any desire to participate in.

Outisde of school, Julian is the 3 youngest child in his family including his 2 older brothers,1 younger brother, and his parents. He was born and raised in Long Beach. The reason why he decided to pick CSULB for his school choice was because of its good outstanding in the Enginnering department as well as criminal justice department. He also had an older brother who graduated from here and since the school is closed he decided to pick here as his choice of university. His hobbies are playing soccer,footballl, swimming and he was in track and cross country when he was in high school. Julian was for sure an athethic person in or outside of school and thats why he thinks being a criminal justice major really suits him well for the fact that he likes to be active. I wish him the best on his road to becoming a well-prestigous FBI agent.


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