Week 11- Sculpture

image  image

Today was an amazing day in which I did a sculpture using plaster and sand on the beach. It sure was a cool experience for me since I’ve never done this before and the sand was so tough to removed my foot out of. It took me quite a while to remove my foot from the hole of sand since it was so thick and I have to be careful when I was trying to removed it. My friends helped me with the process of putting the sand on and cover my feet before removing it. They aso applied water so whenever I removed my foot, the sand will not break apart and fall off.

After successfully taking my foot out of the hole, we mixed water with plaster as we followed the instructions given. We then play cares and waitted roughly about 30 mins and wait for the plaster to dry off. We then dig a hole and carefully removed it. The foot sculpture made out of plaster turned out great. It was an joyful and cool experience that I had with this week activity and I would love to this again one day. The result (as seen above) is my foot after it was finish.


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