Week 10- Student Choice

image  image   imageimage

Hello everybody, for this week activity, I’ve decided to do a project of my choice on sunsets or the sun in general. As you can see above, I’ve took a few photos of the sun rising in the morning and sun setting in the evening. Each picture itself has a different colors to it because sometimes sunsets or rising can be in different colors. That’s the best part about the sun because you will never know what color it will came out to be anytime of the day. The best part of having the sun is because we are in Calfiornia where especially we have some of the best sunsets or sunrise in the world. Im taking the best chance I can with taking photos of the sun anytime I can.

Futhermore, everywhere in the world, the sun is there and we should really appreciate it because it is only star that is close enough to us to provide us with sunlights and many other important factors it bring to our planet. Not only we should use it for the best way we can but cherished the beauties it bring when ever the sun comes on. Everywhere you go, the sun will be there and you should really take it in and look at it (don’t look directly into it). Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope you love the sun as much as I do.


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