Week 10- Interviewing Artist Dawn Ertl

image imageimage

It is an honor to be speaking to you today about Dawn Ertl, an MFA artist here at CSULB and her works. The pictures above was being displayed in the Max L.Gatov Gallery East this week for everyone to see. The work that she made was very unique yet have so many meanings behind each work that she made. The second picture above is called “One Nation Under God”. It thought of thing flying around of wings and constant wonders of things we used and own in a sense. Most of the things you see here in the pictures above are being made of plastic bags o and yarns in which she got all from her family and friends to help her made this project which took her a year to make. There was some minor changes as time went along but she knew that her work was being hang of a ceiling. The reason behind the second pictures is about how we deal with trash and plastic surely affected out world. She also said added that most of the trash we used today here in America are being sent to country like India where they will disposed of it by burning it. But, in the end that smoke that was being burned by the plastic bag will eventually stay there in the air and what seems to be like they never went anywhere. It never seizes to exist.

Reasons behind why the artist herself added plastic in her work as to show us how plastic bag can be used in many way to make last and forever disposable.  As the project continued, the aritst learn ways to makes small pieces at the same time. IT is also very important to know about the architecure of a building. The first picture seen above is called,”Short term, Long Term relationship which demonstrates how climate change practice relationship on people and how they affect in the environment. A lesson here is think ina  long term as hat the affect of the things we do in life as for here climate change and how it will changed the world for better or worse. Sne likes to listen to music in the process of making these. In her undergraudate years, Dawn Ertl also made a giant sheet from plastic bags. This is her final project her at CSULB and she is earning a degree in MFA. Not only is a display of art in a intricate ways but showing us what is really mean behind the use of materials behind it. Everybody has their own paths to take in the world and this is an example of one of them. Thank you Dawn Ertl for her works which show us the depth side of the world and best of luck wherever you go.


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