Week 10- Interviewing Hunter Dimis.


Hello everyone, for today post  I would like to introduced everyone to Hunter Dimis. Hunter is a 19 years old and a Freshman here at CSULB. He’s majoring in the criminal justice and wanted to be a forensic scientist. The reason for why he chooses this major was because not only he can help solved a crime investigation and bring justice for those deserves it. In addition to why he chooses to go to CSULB was the fact that it was close to where he lives and a great police program here at the University.

Outside of school, Hunter likes to take his camera (sees in the picture) to go and take pictures of the wonderful beauties of the world. As a matter of fact, almost every year HUnter and his family get a chance to go to a national park like the one we have here in California, the Yosemite national park. Before he got his camera, it was his passion to take photos and be able to capture the moments that will be forever remembered. This year, with his newly used camera, Hunter is going to take his photography to the next level and going to the Country of Canada in the summer with his family.

Overall, it was an amazing opportunity to meet Hunter and his desires to solve crime as well as cherishing the most memorable moments with his camera skills. If you haven’t get a chance to talk to him yet, you should.


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