Week 9- Artist Interview

For this week art gallery show, I would like to discuss about an artwork that to me seem very elegant and brings back lots of memories just by looking at the picture. This picture was by Ralph Acosta. The picture was a rediscover of his childhood from where he has been to where he is now. About grwoing up in Losnageles in the hard times and now looking back at where he came from and his childhood there is really touching and inspiring. Using quotes from films and many ideas that he has seen through his life this is what he has came up with today.

The picture of what you seem above me is of where all the places that really touches the aritist himself and thus the reason why he picks to recreate his memories. It is a picture that sparks many feelings inside of me as wll. I;m a child who has moves way too many times and from time to time I miss the old palces of where I was once at before. I wish to take my time and go back to all the palces of where I have lived before like the artisti did here and recapture those moments or look back at the old fond memories of when you was once here at this exact place but long ago. People might change but your memory will never changes.


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