Week 9- Activity



The reason Why I chose the Rec Center is because of it attraction to many students and faculties who uses this facility every day. Today The student Recreation and Wellness Center is used for every students here at CSULB free of charge to go work out and be healthy in life. The Recreation Center has a wide amount of workout to choose from ranging from weight lifting area to basketball courts. The center has almost everything you need for you to get the exercise you needed. Plus on top of that, it also have a rock climbling wall if anyone is interested in rock climbing because it can be very fun. Besides rock climbing theres volleyball court, basketball court, and pool if you want to swim in the hot weather. After the workout, if you’re out of breath, there’s a juice place right inside the rec center where you can buy a smoothie after a hard workout because nothing is healthier for you after a workout than a smoothie.

The student Recreation and Wellness center is 126,000 square foot, two story and it said to be a state of the art facilities. There are said to be many technological advances that are curently inside the gym for machinery use for workout as well as the buliding itself. On the bright side of all these, there are more than 180 jobs for undergraduate and graduate students to get a job while working at the Rec Center. It is a good place for everyone to go and have fun while being fit and healthy at the same time.


For this assignment of what I would like to hcange about the campus is the for sure the parking situation. First all of all, walking to calsss can be very farfrom your parking lot and on a sunny or rainy day is not a good way to start your day for school. Therefore, for my new CSULB campus model, I designed a campus in which is structured around a muti-levels bulding stuctures that are surrodned by departments. This parking lot structure is bigger tahn the one we have now at CSULB and it is the best place for anyone to get their class. Of course there will be additional parking space next to each department if the parking stucture is fully full. My plan is for all students as well as faculties emmebers to not have a far walk to class and be worried about the wheter to get a parking spot once they he/she get there or not. Hope you likes my idea and make a arking lot a nicer place.


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