Week 9- Meeting Conor

Hello everyone who is reading is now or in the near future, I would like to introduce you to Conor Hawks. Conor is a sophmore here at CSULB and majoring in business film. He would love to take that major to producing films and make a name for himself. Conor went to Materdel High school in Santa Ana before he came here to long beach state university. Before joining CSULB, Conor served 4 years for the United States Coast Guard in which he toured around central and South America. It is a priviledge to have such an amazing person standing here with me today and  I would like to thanks him for his service to our country.

Besides school and serving in the US coast guard, Conor loves to play beach volleyball as well as boxing and snowboarding. Speaking of snowboarding, Wednesday in a next few days he and his family are going to England and go watch a live football match between Arsenal and Liverpool. About his backgrounds in Snowboarding, he has snowboard since the age of 10 and has travel to many places for that. His favorite food is sushi and wish one day to visit the land that created it all Japan. It was an honor to meet such a humble person like Conor and I hope the best for him in his future as a business film major.


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