Week 8 Activity – Remix

My Remix Poem-

Your world is as big as you make it

I used to think this because I have pride

No matter how hard life gets

I will always try to overcome it

Sometimes I look at a distant place

Where everything is greener on the other side

From the grass to the beautiful faces

There I would love to take a ride

I ignore all the things around me

I open my wiings and make my own flight

Nothing can stop me even with a strong breeze

For this is a fight

By Georgia Douglas Johnson 1880–1966

Your world is as big as you make it.
I know, for I used to abide
In the narrowest nest in a corner,
My wings pressing close to my side.
But I sighted the distant horizon
Where the skyline encircled the sea
And I throbbed with a burning desire
To travel this immensity.
I battered the cordons around me
And cradled my wings on the breeze,
Then soared to the uttermost reaches
With rapture, with power, with ease
There’s a lot o freedom and free when it comes to using the itnernet in general. The risks in which others can use the same things you’ve created and use it as their own. Empowerment can be in  a way where some people use it to create their own version or even make it better where it can make the creator more popular in a sense. For example, the rencent trends on the itnernet worldwide called “the dress”. It was known that the dress was a picture of copy and paste images over and over. The owner of the picture taken didn’t even knew it was going trending worldwide in a few hours spraking a new controvery about what colors we all see.
The license I have chosen today is @copyright 2015. The original poem was established in the 1880s and since then there’s has been a lot of of people viewing this poem. Copyright sometimes can be used to strengthen an artist work but not all the time. It is working at it is but someone can find a way to take it and make it their own.My version of remix was just change the poem into my own using the same ideas and concept but change the whole words of almost every sentence and make it my own. It was at first challenging because I don’t know what to make it more f the same and btter. It was quite a challenge to make a remix becuase there was a lot of thinking that going on when remixing.

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