Week 8- Interviewing Partner

Hello everybody, for this week i would like to introduced you to Aleks kivuls. Aleks is a sophmore here at CSULB and is studying in computer science (programming). His loves for computer science started in high school in his sophmore year. He told me that he also intern at a government facility and doing programming there. That’s really cool for a sophmore his age to be working for United States department. Programming to Aleks is very relaxing not a really sophisicated job. To be able to complete such tasks like programming, he tolds me ones’ need to learn the concept of it first in order to move on to such bigger and more stronger tasks. The reasons why Aleks joined this class was because of his interest in drawing that lead him because it is to him not only about art but learning how to draw and learn to the next level of drawing.

On his spare times, Aleks likes to play League of Legends, a game in which I also played on my free time as well. Aleks and I have started since season 1 of the game and we love talking about it. It is really cool to meet someone who play the same game as me. Beside gaming, Aleks likes to play volleyball for out school volleyball club. Another interesting facts about him is that Aleks has been all over Europe to countries like France,Spain and more. It is also my goal to travel Europe.


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