Week 8- Artist Interview

Today at the Art Gallert Gatov West I got to see an cool interior design that I’ve never seen before at the art gallery show. During the presentation the artists himself puts all of the vegetables on the tables and some fruits to make us all a drink if anyone of us ever wants one. Most of the ingredients there are home grown and even use it for the drinks. Some of his art work today are from his experience from Florence,Italy. He likes to mixup everything and whatever there is on the table he just drinks it. H also said that for him, vegetables seems to have a more better than fruits because that is where all the nutrients are at. There was two machines there for the jucing one of them sucks up all the juice and leave out the unwanted skin. The other was a cold press which simply squeezes out everything so you can get the most out of a nutrtious drink. To him there’s no favorite drinks becuase all is good for you and that’s the most important when drinking fresh juice.

During his times here at CSULB, he has open up 3 shows for the last 4 years. It is amazing that for almost every year striaght, he created a show here. A show is not easy otm ake and the preparation that goes into it is tremendously tiring. On the wall at the art gallery show where his stuff are displayed, there was a projector poiting towards the wall showing a time lapse of the time for the preparation. It tooks him and some of his friends over a day or so to put up all of these works that we are seeing here today at the art gallery show. For this year it is a little more special, the artist wanted to make a show that welcome people and have them enjoy the performaces.

IMG_2911[1]    IMG_2910[1]


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