Week 7 Activity- Portrait Photography (Landscapes with a Corpse)

In this week activity, we are assigned a task to take a self-portrait of yourself of a place of departure. It’s a concept of Izima Kaoru’s twenty-year-long project of photographing landscapes with corpes.  I really thinks this a way in which all of us would never thought to do but it really open your mind to what you can do  and where you want to be when the time comes. I think this is a great way for us to think besides our everyday normal life and go a step further beyond.

What I pick to do for my Landscapes with a Corpse is myself laying on the grass looking upward to the heaven. It was also a nice day outside with clear blue sky and cool breezes of air. I want to be able to see nature as a whole and what I’m going to miss out on when I leave this earth. It is a good location and not bad as you might think because it was very relaxing. You can lay there for hours and just think about life in a new persepctives. I learn a lot not just only by ust laing there and pretending that I’m dead but to jump outside of the box and imagined what would’ve happened and how I wanted to be departed.


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