Week 7-Interview Partner (Richard Truong)

Hello everybody, today I would like to formally introduce everyone to Richard Truong. Richard is currently a freshmen here at CSULB and is pursuing a major in accounting. Why accounting you might ask? Well, the reason behind all of these is the easy working environment and work pay. Richard has ever since been wanting to take on a job where it is easy and where he can helps people at the same time. So currently Richard is taking Art 110 out of curiosity about Art. When I ask Richard what he likes about this class and this is what he said, “I like this class because we all get to see new art and meet the artist themselves every week.

Now let’s talk a little bit more about Richard himself. One thing you won’t expect Richard to be when looking at him is that he is a 1st degree black  belt in Judo. That’s so crazy! Therefore, approach Richard with caution because he can put you on the ground in less than a few seconds or so. Aside from sport like Judo, he would like to learn how to ride a motorcycle because to him driving a normal car is too normal and that everyone does it. There’s nothing special about driving a car but more excitement when you drive a motorcycle. Another interesting fact that Richard and I had in common is we both like sto watch the walking dead and listening to Zedd and Taylor Swift. This last thing is completely random but he has only been to Vegas and that’s it.


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