Week 7 Artist Interview – Adre Ritter

For today artist of the week, I picked Andre Ritter. Andre art really stood out above all the others because of it’s uniqueness and depth. His arts are not only there for you just to look at, but giving you a sense of what’s happening about the art and what it represents. Each art piece that he puts on display today has been very awesome. One of his work in which I show on the picture above is Andre art work. The art design is called “Atomic Totemic. It is made out of steel, copper, brass, asst, and found driftwood, and many more materials.

Andre’s said that his art piece represents a single moment in time where the artist feel like he/she can change the culture of art tor at least change it by little. As a metal smith and an artist himself, Andre say that he has more than one of those moments. His love of mid-century modern lifestyle and motifs and the alluring aesthetic of TIKI. These two genre has influenced mostly because the fact that he was born in the fifties. As an artist and metal smith, Andre has inspired by many properties of metal. His wish was for us students or viewers of his art to feel the same moment that he has experienced many times before. It is something that we would like to remember that reminds us of the good times we always love the most.


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