Week 6 Activity- Yard Bombino

IMG_2799[1]   IMG_2801[1]IMG_2799[1]

My experience this week with the Yarn Bombino was very fun. I’d never thought that fiber on other objects would also consider art because to me it is just a sense of clothes that people wear or like to dress up to makes thing looks better. It is sure is surprsing to me that this type of art is very popular. My high school used to have people yarn their clothes for their homeowork. This to me was easy because I didn’t do any yarning myself but trying to cut up clothes and putting them on something like a chair, tree, table, etc makes the object looks way better so for me that’s the fun and exciting part.

The yarn bombing experience compared to my Grafitti experience was very much the same. Both are fun and challenging because it is your first time doing it and you don’t know what to expect out of it. After finishing and realizing the fact that you didn’t do a good job as you thought you would, the finalize product doesn’t look that bad either. I think that there’s no agressive or femine part about bombing with paint or yarn since both is a way for a person to express themselves through the ways of paiting and yarn. Paiting is art while most consider yarn to be a craft. My thoughts is that when yarning can turn something ordinary into something amazing is art because through yarning that particular object looks way better than it was through the art of yarning. Therefore, I think both paiting and yarning is a form of art. It doens’t matter who makes the paiting or the art but our culture does think differently when it comes to that yarn is a women thing. I don’t acutally agreee on that. Like paiting where everyone isn’t being judge by gender stereotypes; both men and women are being look at it equally. It just the thought of yarning is a women thing because you don’t nessicarily see a man yarn but mostly women do. In some cases like yarning, our culture seem to looks at women to yarn than men do. However, not all the things men do our value over women since both genders put as much efforts into as the others.


This is a chair in which I cut a shirt and put it over the chair. It is something that I wouldn’t normally do but just looking at it, it doens’t look that bad besides i have a more softer feeling now that i sit on the chair. Not just a simple chair you sit on everyday but actually a colorful one.


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