Week 6 – Meeting Classmate

Today I got the pleasure to meet Ngoc Pham, 19, a communication major and pre-dentistry major here at CSULB. She also took Art 110 class out of a thought thinking that this was only just a drawing class but I guess she was wrong on that part. This class is more than just drawing but self expository and learning about art in many different ways one’s can ever imagined before with art. Ngoc loves reading books on her free time wheter if it’s at school or at home. She’s also loves pet as the reason for that she owned 8 dogs, turtles, birds and many fishes of different kind. Another interesting fact about her is that she loves surfing. She has started surfing since the age of 3. How incredible is that? Since then, Ngoc has participated in many various types of surfing competition in which she wons first and second place. I think that’s very impressive. Besides the real surfing, she also likes to surf to the internet on her free time.

Apart from her school work,surfing and a lot of pets, she loves to travel. As a matter of fact, Ngoc has travel to every continent on this planet. Her top 3 countries that she loves are South Africa for its wonderful weather, sand beaches, and great people. Next is Australia and Italy. Why Italy you ask? Italy is where her relatives lives. Ngoc is an Italian,Viet,Filipino,Australian,Thai, and French. That’s so cool that she is mixed with so many different countries. Her family consist of 4 sisters and 1 brother including mom and dad. Not including pets as well, her household have a lot of family members. It was a pelasure to meet such a nice and outgoing person as her.


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