Week 6-Artist Interview


The artist in which art interests me the most was Alanna Marcelletti. Her art is unique and has a very distinct tone to it. I like the way the pictures are being presented in a way where you can compare and contrast what’s going on between each and every single picture. Her artseem to have an abstract space that asscociated with the things or person inside the picture. Every single picture is a differet place and a different mood. This was all going through her head but somehow through art she was able to express her thoughts and feelings.

Alanna life experiences was shown through today art gallery she said. In her paiting she uses warped wood in which she does want to conceal. Her experiences of womanhood has brought up not only psychological  atmosphere but a picture of a domestic atmosphere and in whcih the picture act out the character that are being display in these pictures. In her art as you can see, she both uses the positive and negatives things in life that helps embrace her art and have its influence others. Thanks for showing your art at this week gallery. i got to see things that really capture my eyes and bring out the emotions within.


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