Week 5- Kickstarter

My first choice for this week activity is in the technology category and the project is called “Prynt”. So what is prynt? Print is an installation device case in which you install into your phone and it said to be the first instant camera case. This project really grabs my attention because I love taking photos and using my phone most of the time. For a phone to turn into a half polariod camera device is awesome. More and more people today use their phone and at a touch of a button, ones’ can just print out a photo instantly. I’m really love this uppcoming prject that a group of people have created and i think that it will be the most popular gadget when it comes out to the market after being tested successfully. The video really gives me a broader view of what the final product and what’s going to be like. I really have to get myself one of this when it release for sure as well as my family one too. This project goals was $50,000 and pledged money was already rsurpass one million dollars. As seen below that is what the product is going to look like.

My second project I’ve seen today in the tech category is not as well much likable as the first one I chose. The difference between this one and the one above me is how we can really put it to good use. Moyabox is a device where you can bring content anywhere with you on the go.Although I find this very good idea and product. WE can also save or download movies into our computers and watch later without a use of this device. It’s a good project but not as much as the the one above because mostly everything can be stored and watch on any other devices. (Movyabox- Seen below)

Onto another category, I’ve chosen games because I myself really interested in making games and playing them as well  and the use of taken photos. The first project I chose for this category is called “project Scissors”. The reason behind why I pciked this prect was because the horror and the creator of this game was the one who created “clock tower games series” and he director of the well known game as well as movie the “grudge”. Its an intense horro game which I’m excited to play if its come out. But, by looking at the pledged money almost there at the goal of $300,000. Gme image is seen below

Another game I ‘ve chosen which I think is not as fun or intriguing as the first one is called “Promonym”. This game is based byturning social networking into a game and prmote yourself. In my opinion alone, I don’t think this is a very good game because in today society lots and lots of people have been using social media/network all day nad to waste time playing what based off social networkign is the same thing. We need more games that will be more fun to play. Therefore, I think this is a silly game in which not a lot of people will play because we already aware of social media that we are too lazy palying a gaem abotu social media.


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