Week 5-Artist Interview

I’ve decided to talk about Brianna Allen art works  today in the Max L Gatov gallery east . Most of her art displaying today was made out of metal, plastic , fibers, glass and other materials. Her sculptures has very beautiful and elegant shape for examples  chess board that she made as seen in the picture above. All of her works take a lot of times to make and more importantly she knows that everything she made has a special message about itself. She told s that most of her art work here today like the propane tank, water eyelines and chess baord were all built in her first semester of school.

Brianna also told us that most of the art sculptures she created are based on inspiration or things taht she sees in actual life that really inspired her to make what she did. Through her art, she wants the audience to see what she sees and therefore think and evaluate before she creates. I’ve heard she has also been to germany before but not sure if her experience there has any effect on what has been displayed today at the art gallery. When was in Germany she told us that she was assigned to make miniature shipping containers where each one describe each individual from the others. I thought that was really interesting.

It is an honor to see Briana amazing works today here in the art gallery. She told us that in about two weeks she will displaying all of her art here solo, so I can’t wait for when that times come.be.   That’s the artist herself, Brianna, there in the picture ( seen below).



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