Week 5- Meeting Matt Mendez

Hey everyone, I would like to formally introduce you to Matt Mendez whom I met today at the Art gallery show. Matt is a 3rd year herr at CSULB and is majoring in history. He wants to be abLe to finish school and obtaining a bachelor in history. If he could further his education, he would likes to obtained a master in history as well. Josh loves learning about hi story and one days want to pass that of what he learn onto others as becoming history teacher if he could. If not, he would like to be a museum expert or someone who works at the museum.

Before coming here to CSULB, Josh spent 2-3 years at Orange Coast college. He also is a very skilled artist who likes to draw freely. His favorite show is the waking dead as well as the flash. Moreover, he also likes the Spider-Man movies and the whole marvel thing in general. Its very cool to talk to someone who watches the same TV show as I do because I also watched those shows myself. It was a pleasure to meet a cool chill guy like Josh and be able to know more about him.


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