Week 4- Meeting Khoi

Hi everyone, I would like to introuduce you to Khoi. Khoi is a freshman here at CSULB and he’s amjoring in civil engineer. THis was not our first time meeting each other because I have known khoi before since we used to went to the same high school as each other. It was nice asking more questions and get to know him a little bit more. Khoi’s a very artistic person. He is really good at drawing art but not pursuing his career in art. he was also in AP Art class when he was in high school and pass his AP test as well. This shows me that Khoi is a very good at art.

Outside of school, he likes to play games and going to the gym on his free time. I also play the same games as he do and it was nice to know that we have something i ncommon as well. the reason why we both in this class was because we know someone that introduce us into this calss and taht why we are in Art 110 class together. It was nice meeting him today and I’m glad that we fo know each other more after today.


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