Week 4-Mina Show

Today for the Mina show challenge , I try to exercise and won’t stop until I get really tired or exhausted. Before this,  I was never try to push myself pass a limit point where I will feel like throwing up but after i finish with today workout, I feel incredible. I feel like for a few seconds after the workout that i was invincible and were able to do anything. What I did today compare to performing Arts is taking forward a step and stepping out of your comfort zones. Go pass your limit and do things that you wouldn’t normally do because it was out of your comfort zone.

I’m proud to take this challenge and will try to continue on this path that I know will turn out good either way. It is the thing that we chose to do that will helps us grow or we will just stay the same if we try not to change the things we normally do. I will try to implement of what i learned today into my life because sometimes the things that scared you can turn into your best motivation.


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