Week 4- Artist Interview

This picture I have chosen today is called Strata Phenomena by Rachel Gehrke. The picture shown above was a description about the the rocks and layers that were inside a mountain. A view from a person looking inside and out to the stars. The laters of rocks and lava show what the artist want to learn and discover about nature beauty. The pattern that are display in the rocks lead the artist to draw what seems to be a cool and fascinating view. Outside and above the sky, you can see all the stars allign up and a view that was truly spectacular. The artist said that she just want to draw this piece because she was also fascinated by this.

I really enjoy this picture because we wouldn’t normally be able to look at it the way the artist would draw out. We wouldn’t be able to be inside a mountain and at the same time looking at the stars. A great picture with what we should take in and recognize that nature beauty is not more than we can abl to comprehend with only our eyes because sometimes it is hidden below us. Thanks to Rachel for showing us that and I hope you see how amazing this picture really is.


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