Week 4- Art Piece

In today Art gallery show, I’ve decided to pick this Art by Emily Babbett called Angels Flight to talk about. There’s something in the picture that really interests me. The famous scene from a movie I once saw or mostly on tv shows of the two train going uphill on a slope. A place where the sky is clear blue and everything looks so beautiful. The picture colors match what would looks like if you were to went there in real life. Just like a normal day and I think this picture was taken from experience from what the artist sees that make her draw this.

If I remember correcly, I think the picture was similar to the one from San Francisco even though I’m not quire sure. Most people would recognize it if they see it but because I never went there before therefore i wouldn’t know. I would love to go there one day and take in what the artist saw that makes her draw this picture and look at it myself. Compare the real life to the picture display here. But, overall a great detail picture of the two trains slowly carrying passengers uphill and back down.


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