Week 3- Picture of the day 2/5/15

My picture  I chose to descirbed about this week is by an artist named Peter Macaulay. This drawing you see here is a picture which I, myself, thinks is an image with many emotions and actions going on at once. The artist,Peter, was not there at the Art gallery but I was able to get a little info off Josh who was also an artist there, who knew a little bit about this piece.He told me that Peter is an artist who likes to capture what he sees and drawing figurative focus on realism. However, i don’t know if the pictures represents an experience the artist has but it’s really empowering picture.

Peter army drawing captures my eyes in a way because it show the terrifying facts of war and the damages it leave behinds. The soldiers in the picture are running away at what seems to be a grenade whose smokes was a monster face. The monster smoke like figure shows the how powerful and scary a grenade can cause. The sense of evilness and damages its create wherever the grenades go. The two soldiers are nervously running away from it because they know that is the only way to escape death. War is like fighting a monster whom you sometimes cannot beat because it is like a grenade, it just explode and that’s it. You can’t do nothing but to run away from it.

This picture tells me a story about war itself just by looking at it. Thanks you to Peter the artist who draws this piece and captures the real picture of what war are like. I really enjoyed this picture.And that image down there is a portrait of the Peter himself.



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