Week 3- Meeting the Artist Josh Benz


Today I met an amazing artist named Josh Benz. Josh is a 27 years old painter who art was displayed in today art gallery show. He wasn’t always a painter himself as he tolds the whole group i nwhich everyone ask questions. He told us that drawing was an area where he needed to improved on. So as a result, in community college he started experimenting with colors and than into oil painting in which he uses in some of the arts today. His aims was to become an animator but to be an animator, you needed to be very good at art itself. Therefore, he takes an art class in college which helps him become the great artist he is today.

Josh told us a little of how he starts and finish the drawing. He likes drawing a picture in a dark room with closed window so no lights can enter and disrupt his drawings;thus the reasons why he mostly paint at night time. in addition to no light source there would be more depth in the colors themselves than with the light beaming off onto a picture. His pictures consist of the things he wanted to be in the picture. Things such as animals,humans,outfit and more.

Drawing was a way for Josh is drawing out a more better influence and expressions in the pictures. One of his paiting was a portrait of him and his girlfriend “Jackie” who were also at the Art gallery today. In the picture Josh draws himself drawing another picture inside that portrait and his girlfriend sitting next to him. It was like a moment where he wants to cherished and remembered. The details in the picture speak volume. Everything was prefectly detailed as a normal picture itself would come out to be.

It was an honored to meet an amazing artist like Josh today here at our school art Gallery. I can’t wait for more amazing works to come from him and wishes him much success in his future. Keep doing what you’re doing! Thank you for displaying your art and sharing it with us.


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