Week 3- Instagram Mission

This here are a collection of photos I have taken in the past couple of days. Each picture to me is special within itself. Every picture I took is something that really captures my eyes.A picture represents a memory that will always be cherished and remembered no matter where we go. Once you look at a photo you’ve taken, it reminds you of that day and why you were there. A moment with your loves one and friends. A famous quotes always said,”a picture is worth 1000 words”. That quote sure is true. Photography is a great thing and thanks for instagram for helping us share those wonderful moments.

IMG_2679[1]   IMG_2720[1]

The two pictures above me is was taken this morning before class and the time I leave from school. The picture on the top has a more shadowy look because in the morning today, there was an imense amount of fog covering everything.The parking looks so dark,cold, and out of color. On the other hand, the picture on the bottom has much clearer view of what the parking lot look likes after the fog has faded away. The sun shining and the clear blue sky makes the picture comes to life with everything looking more clearer than it was before.

IMG_2680[1] IMG_2666[1]

My next two pictures are consists of plants and flowers. These are some nature beauties has to offer. Even though we don’t pays much attention to a flower or a plant as we walk by, they are such amazing and beautiful living things. The plants (on the top) if you look very closely you can see how detailed it is made. Every lines are connected together to form such a simple small leaf that to us seemed to be very smalled. Also the tiny water drop that are still remained on the leaves from the fog earlier in the morning. The magnificant red flower (bottom) is also a beauty when you look at it. Ones simply only look outside of a flower and thought to themself “Wow what a beautiful flower”, but that is not entirely it. The flower if examined closely as the leaves was it also as amazing. Looking closely at the flower I can see all the little pollens that are position around the yellow top in which bees,butterfly,birds and other organisms feeds on for nutrients.

Thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say about these pictures and I hope you liked them as much as I do.


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