Week 3 -Meeting Tai Bui

Hello there! I would like to introduce everyone to Tai Bui, a student and a freshman here at CSULB. Tai is a very happy person who likes to play basketball,games, and sleep on his free time.Right now he is undeclared in wheter what major he wants to pursues. On the good side, Tai is interested in Engineering but not quite sure if that’s the right choice;therefore, Tai is currently just taking GE as a whole. He’s curious about Art and therefore that was his reason for taking Art 110. Although Tai is not very good at art itself, he likes to improved himself in the Art category. He wants to learn arts and how the process and peices that are being put into a picture.

Futhermore, I ask Tai about what he thinks about the new USU and does he agree with the whole thing. Tai answered the question with a simple and reasonable explanation. He said, “USU should not be changed in anyway since it is already a good place, and in additon to putting the money into the USU itself, why not use that money to funds our computer labs department where everything should be updated to the modern advanced technology”. I agreed with what he said completely but at the same time since our money should be put to good used in the things that will help us succeed. It was a pleasure to meet Tai but this is not our first time meeting each other but it was nice to know more about Tai and that he likes the show Family Guy and so do I.


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