Week 2-Picture with Emotions (Mom and Dad)

This picture you seen now is drawn by Elaine Kwak. While the artist was not there today at the Art Gallery for me to ask some questions about the art. I was able to understand  a little bit of what going on the picture. This art piece was called “Mom and Dad”. The title itself gives me a sense of sadness going between the artist parents. The two pictures are displayed next to each other. Each of the picture are look like each person is staring at each other but in fact that is not the case. Both each parent sitting down while looking off into a distant place. It gives a sense of depression and sadness between the two.

It was something that the artist has seen through her own eyes and have experienced. The two also looks like they are at two different kinds of moods by looking at the colors and texture of the art. Out of this picture, all I can assume is  there are defitnitely sadness beaming off of it. This was mainly my opinion of what I saw happening in this art piece. A very lonely and sad times was shown through these two pictures.


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