Week 2- MeetingHoc Nguyen

I would like to introduce you to Hoc Nguyen, whom was my partner today for the art gallery show We ask each others questions about each others and this is what I know about him.  Hoc is a marine biology major and also a freshmen here at CSULB. His hobbies is he likes to draw,paint, and build model kit. It was also his passion for painting that lead him to take Art 110 in which he wants to discover more about the concept of art. Hoc has a lot of pets and they are: 1 cat, 2 snakes, and a lizard. His favorite band is one ok rock. We also talk about where we wants to travel in the world and his answer was Japan. Japan was his choice because of the history of Pokemon,games, and cultures which makes it more interesting.

Another great interesting fact about us is that we used to went to Elementary, middle and high school together. Although we didn’t speak to each others before, each of us knew each other names. Just by speaking to him, he seems like a very nice person. He wanting to be zoologist after graduating and attaining a degree in marine biology. It was a pleasure to meet Hoc and I’m glad we get to know more about each others after today.


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