Week 2-Discovery Channel (Chase Wolcott)

After interviewing the artist,Chase Wolcott, who drew this piece, I understand the values and meaning of the picture more than I would have before. The place drawn in the picture was presented to be an art exhibit inside a cafe. The lions itself represent leadership,wildlife, and suspense. while the naked humans portrays everyone emotions as an individual. The humans in these picture was taken from models who the artist saw in real life to help him create this piece of art.Also the chandlier at the top of the celing resulted in a bright yellow color in the middle and a little bit blackness farther away. Chase himself that as time went on the content of the pictures changes as he tries to explore more about what he’s actually trying to interpret.

After many revision from the sketch book leading up to charcoal and finally oil paitning as what we sees in this picture now. This piece was to create a playful environment inside a cafe as people sit and drinks their coffee while at the same time enjoying the work of art. A very outcast of individuals inside a picture. Each things symbolizes a different meaning to itself. This picture has a lot of things going on and you need to look at it more than once to understand and capture what’s going on in the picture itself. I sure did but thanks to Chase for explaning to me in details that I was able to it all.


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