Week 15- Artist- Jessie Jie Li

Today at the art gallery here at CSULB, there was a lot of arts and artists that were displaying their beautiful talents and skills. Out of all the amazing and beautiful art that were there today, it was very difficult to pick an artist to focus on. But, one picture that I really likes was from an artist named Jessie Jie Li. The picutre consist of two big wolfs that cover up the whole picuture with the moon on the bottom of the picture as well as a tree in the middle of the picture. Something about this picuture really captivates the emotions and time that needed to draw this spectacular picture.

The artist Jessie Jie Li do most of her works on what revolves around her and the things that her love. One of her love was that fact that she is a dog lover;as a result, the reason why the two wolfs were in the center of all her picture. Art is one of her favorite activity to do and she does perfectly on that. It gives her freedom to explore and learn as well as making something as spectacular and beautiful as that. I wished her the best after school and where ever she is headed.

image    imageimage


Week 15- Interviewing Kyler Victoria

Hey everyone, today was the last day to interview someone who you haven’t yet met in class. I was able to meet Kyler, who is also a freshman here at CSULB. It was a conciedence since we both were looking for a partner. Kyler lives in long beach and that was the reason why he picks CSULB not only that it is close to his home but it’s also cheaper than any other UC or over state. He is currently pursuing his degree in Pre-Biology and hopes one day to become a doctor;if not, be an eye doctor or even a surgeon that saved life. I thinks that this is a really inspiring steps to become a life saver and much respect to him for doing that.

Outside of school, Tyler likes to play basketball and volleyball on his free time. His favorite basketball team is the Los Angeles Lakers and he has been a fan for a long time being. He just likes to hang out with his friends and doiing what everybody else is doing. I wish Kyler the best of luck to his career to becoming a doctor.

Week 14- Artist Interview Maryann Gonzalez

In today art gallery at Max L. Gatov Gallery East and West, there was a lot of amazing art that are being displayed. All the art that were there today are ranging from many different artist. However, there was one picture that I really like out of all the others. This picture was didn’t have a name but it was a oil on canvas and as you can see below that’s what the picture itself looks like. The artist for the picture in which I’ve chosen was Maryann Gonzalez. Her art mostly and always start out with a drawing on paper and then she moved to preliminary colors in which she explores how the different colors of light will affect the drawing itself. Most of her work like the picture below are from the reactions of her surroundings. The artist likes to take things from around the world to create her drawings and help her be more at ease with her busy life.

The picture really has a home or residency looks to it. The house is being painted on top and below in the picture, you can also see the lines of pipes system below the house. Across form the house, the corner of the picutre has a table and a glass which seemed to be a person looking out onto the view that is from her house. Something about the picture reallys give you a sense of home and looking onto the distant and seeing what is really happening around you. This is Senior painting/ drawing for their BFA show and I wish all of them the best after college and much success wherever they go with their amazing talents.


Week 14- Interviewing Joe Gamba

Hey everyone, today I got the pleasure to meet Joe Gamba, a senior here at CSULB. Joe is finishing up with his degree in management and is about to graduate in a few weeks. It’s crazy how fast things go, and in a few weeks Joe will not be here anymore. He’s obtaning a bachelor degree in management. His focus for after graduation is to able to get a job as fast as possible and be on his way to life. It’s also crazy to think that at this age, Joe will be spenting the next 40+ years of working before he could finally retired but he’s excited of what has to offer outside of school and into the real world.

Joe was born in Germany where his dad work for the military. When he was little, his parents and him moved to the state of Illinois and a few years after taht he moved here to California.Until today, Joe dad is still in the U.S national guard.  When I asked him, where do you like to stay the most? He answered,”definitely california”. Althought the weather is hotter than where he has been before in his life, Joe tends to like Cali better. When we talked about art class, Joe says that this class really pushed him to explore more about art gallery because normally he wouldn’t just walk into a gallery but since the class started he really likes the arts. I just want to wish him much success in his future and may he explores more art galleries to come.


Today, I’ve selected some of the fews algorithmitic arts from my classmates in Art 110 to do my extra credits on.

First up was Sonia Gore- how to create beautiful colorful zig-zag lines. The procedure was very simple, choose 5 different colors and draw each different zig-zag lines in different places. This was a very simple task to do and making a normal paper to looks like a more colorful one. I like the fact that the result came out to be so colorful and nice; plus the zig-zag lines make it look more cool in a way. My results are shown below. I did my best but it was not as good as the person who showed it to me. Thank you Sonia for letting me used your art to make one of my own.


The next person whom I chose to do my extra credit on was Rachel Goodtaker. Her Algorithmic art seemed so awesome and hard to do but the reality it was very easy. What this is, it’s a hand with multiple colorful lines going through it. The result was looks so cool and I really like it as well. Thank you Rachel for showing us this and letting me used your work. My result as shown below.


Thirdly, the person for whom I pick to start my extra credit on was from a person named andrew h wanlee. This procedure was very simple to do. All you need to do was find a book with at least 25 pages or more. Then, pick the second words from every page and write it down in order and it has to be up to 25. This is the result of a nonsense poem. The result is what you get at the end. My result was very weird. Thank you Andrew for letting me use your work. This is my work and book that I pick. I know it make no complete sense but here you go.


Last but not least on my extra credit, I choosed an algorithmic art from Hannah Kay Drake algorithmic art work. For the following procedures, all you got  to do is pick the second words of the title of the book that you have and from there make a poem with it.  Each poem can only be 3-5 words to make it short and sweer. This is the result of what I got when I used some of my books titles to make a poem. Thank you again Hannah for showing and letting me how to this simple yet creative work.

The purple Dictionary

Taught How Pocket to keep

Dragon Children Mystery

Singing Ghost things

My poem turned out to be very good even though it kinds of make sense a little and what not but that’s my poem and O hoped you enjoy.

Week 13- Artist Interview Shishori Nakayama

Hey everyone, today I was able to meet an awesome artist whose art really is amazing in many ways. The art itself really reflect over the aritst life and most of the drawing are very detailed in every way. You can also see the simple drawing to be very detailed also as well as the big picture itself. Each ot the art work showing here today at the art gallery really shows something about the artist life and what memories that stands out the most about her life. Plus some of the drawing you see on the picture are of teddy bears and little kids which reminded of the artist childhood experiences.

I personally enjoy how much work the artist herself put into each drawing. Just by looking at the picture itself, it seemed like it really took a long time to finish each drawing since it is very detailed to the smallest of picure. The reasons why the aritst enjoted drawing is the reason to show us and express her feeling through the art as well as the experience of her past and present. I considered everyone who has not seen her art should check it out because it is awesome wow. I wish the artist the best of luck wherever she goes because her art is one of a kind amazing.

image    image

Week 13- Interviewing Partner Hung Trinh

Hey everybody, today I’m would like to introduce everyone to Hung Trinh. Hung is currently a sophmore here at CSULB and is majoring in healhcare administration. After this semester, next year he will be decalring his major and will be pursuing his career in the health care industry. The one thing that is similar between me and Hung was that my major and his are very similar to each other. As a result, he recommended me on what class is best to choose and easy to take since he has been through it all.

One interesting fact about me and Hung is that we used to went to the same middle school and high school together. Nontheless, we never actually talk to each others before and this is actually the first time in art class. We met each other before throughout school and we know each others faces but never actually introduce myself. Hung is a very smart individual and I hope him the best on his road to becoming successful. It was nice to meet Hung and if you haven’t talk to him yet, I suggests you should.